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The Higgs Boson in your hand

Collider is a mobile application that lets you view high energy particle collisions directly from the Large Hadron Collider, making it simple to understand what's going on at a glance.

View live events, straight from the ATLAS Detector at CERN.
Find out how to identify different particles.
Hunt for the Higgs Boson.

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A Z Boson decay visualised inside Collider.

Detecting Particles

ATLAS uses several layers of different detectors in order to observe particles.

Piecing Together Events

Many particles decay into smaller particles before we can see them. We must look at all of the pieces in an event to reconstruct the puzzle.

What is ATLAS?

ATLAS is a giant detector at the Large Hadron Collider.

What is a Higgs Boson?

The Higgs boson is a particle which explains why other particles have mass.


Collider was created by physicists at the University of Oxford, with help from STFC, ATLAS and CERN.